Explanation of Benefits

Health Insurance:  Provides coverage for necessary medical care, accident treatment, surgery, prescription drugs and other miscellaneous eligible expenses. Employees currently have the choice of two different plans with Select Health. The plans are Med Plus and Care Plus. UFA currently pays 80% of the total premium for employees eligible for benefits.

Dental Insurance:  Provides coverage for both routine and special treatment by dentists, orthodontist, oral surgeons, etc. UFA only offers one dental option and that is PEHP Preferred Dental.

Life Insurance:  UFA currently provides each employee, who is eligible for benefits, with $25,000 of minimum life insurance. Employees may obtain additional insurance (up to $500,000, based on underwriting) at their own expense.  Employees may also obtain insurance for their spouse and children (based on underwriting). 

Vision Insurance:  UFA's vision program is administered through EyeMed. This program includes the following coverage: exam, retinal imaging, frames, lenses, contact and laser vision correction. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance:  Provides benefits in the event of an accidental death, loss of use of limbs, speech, hearing or eye sight due to an accident, subject to the limitations of the policy.  UFA currently provides $25,000 in coverage for each employee, who is eligible for benefits.  Employees may obtain additional insurance (ranging from $25,000 to $250,000) at their own expense. 

401(K) or 457 plans:  Voluntary tax-deferred retirement savings programs authorized under sections 401(k) and 457 of the Internal Revenue Code.  All UFA employees may defer portions of their own salary into these accounts.  Currently UFA does not contribute to a 401K or 457 plans.  

Flex Plan (125 Plan):   A program whereby employees can set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses not covered by insurance and/or dependent day care costs. The UFA currently offers the flex plan to all of its employees through a third party vendor and pays the administrative cost associated with the program.

Tuition Assistance Program:  Reimbursement of up to 75% of tuition costs for coursework (which must be in an approved field of study and related to employment with the UFA) in accordance with eligibility requirements.  Currently, the amount of assistance that may be received by an eligible employee is capped at $3,000 per fiscal year, and $15,000 per degree.  LINK

Employee Assistance Program:  Consultation, referral, and short-term counseling for personal or family problems provided free of charge. Some programs also offer low-cost, or no-cost, legal services, stress-reduction training, financial information, etc.  UFA currently provides this service for all of its employees through Intermountain EAP

Paid Military Leave: Paid time off for employees called to military service.  Currently, 8-hour firefighter and non-firefighter employees, who are eligible for benefits, may take up to 88 hours of leave; 24-hour firefighters may take up to 123 hours of leave.   Necessary leave beyond these limits is considered military leave-without-pay. 

Sick Leave:  Paid time off for employees (who are eligible for benefits) to use when they, or a member of their immediate family, are sick, injured or attending medical appointments. Leave is currently accrued at the rate of 8 hours per month for 8-hour firefighter employees and non-firefighter employees, who are eligible for benefits, and the rate of 12 hours per month for 24-hour firefighters.

Conversion of Unused Sick Leave:  Automatic conversion of sick leave hours to additional vacation hours at the end of the calendar year, if the employee has used little or no sick leave during that year. 8-hour firefighters and non-firefighter employees, who are eligible for benefits, currently may have a maximum of 32 hours converted.  24-hour firefighters currently may have a maximum of 48 hours of sick leave converted. 

Vacation: Paid time off for employees (who are eligible for benefits) to use as personal time off, with approval from their supervisor.  The current amount of leave that is accrued varies depending on the length of UFA service (see below).  Unused vacation hours are currently cashed out at the time of termination or retirement.

Number Of Years 24-hour Firefighters 8- Hour Firefighters or Non-firefighter Employees
1-8 12 hours per month 8 hours per month
9-16 18 hours per month
12 hours per month
17-Over 24 hours per month
16 hours per month

Funeral and Bereavement Leave: Paid time off granted following the death of a friend or relative.   Currently, for a death in the immediate family, 8-hour firefighters or non-firefighter employees, who are eligible for benefits, may take up to forty hours of leave and 24-hour firefighter employees may take leave for up to two 24-hour shifts. For a death of a friend or other relative, eligible employees may take up to five hours of leave. 

Holidays – 8-Hour Firefighters or non-firefighter employees, who are eligible for benefits, receive 11 paid holidays and 1 personnel day. Employees working 24-hour schedules currently receive six holiday shifts per year.

Retirement - All full-time employees are eligible for pension credit based on the system and Tier.  The Unified Fire Authority currently pays 100% of the retirement contribution for the defined benefit portion of the plan. Employees also have access to 401(k), 457 and Roth IRA plans through Utah Retirement Systems.  Information booklets are available at  We will also hold an orientation session for individuals selected for hire and as part of that orientation, there will be a presentation from a representative of Utah Retirement Systems.