Records Request (GRAMA)

Unified Fire Authority Records Request GRAMA Form

It may take up to ten (10) working days to fulfill your request.  You will be notified when the records are available for pick-up.

If representing an insurance company, please answer the following:

View or inspect the record only
Receive an expedited response (5 days) because releasing the record benefits the public; I request the information for a story or report for publication or broadcast to the general public
Receive a copy of the records and request a fee waiver. According to Utah Code § 63G-2-203
I would like to receive copies of the record

I understand that Unified Fire Authority charges a fee for copies of records as permitted by UCA 63G-2-203.  I understand copies of the records will be provided subject to fees being paid. If costs are greater that the amount I specified, I understand the office will contact me to get my authorization before processing the request. 

  Please enter the word above in the space below